Motion Capture in Empire: Total War

Empire: Total War will be the biggest and most detailed Total War game yet from genre masters The Creative Assembly. With the rich and vibrant world of the 18th Century to draw from, the studio is adding in a wealth of dramatic historical detail, not least of all in the one-to-one combat animations.

Special Effect Sounds For Your Animation Movies

Hi friends, the main thing in producing a good & successful animation lies in different fields.Each field like design of the character,lighting,key frame setting,camera,rendering etc., are very important.Whether perfection in above things will result in a good animation? My answer is no!!!
The important secret for outstanding animation is the perfection in above things combined with good editing & sound mixing.So i will try to provide you some special effect 3d animation sounds like opening a door, animal sounds,blast etc., These audio sounds will help you to give real life to your animation.

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Convert BVH to BIP

Many animators have the question that how to convert .BVH files to .BIP ?Is there any coverters for free ? So here is the answer for that type of motion capture conversions with 3ds max.Download the PDF to know it completely about the method of converting bvh to bip.

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Welcome to the Ultimate 3D world.Here U will find FREE Download Links of Motion capture[MOCAP] files like BVH,BIP,CSM which can be used with many of the 3d character animation softwares like 3ds max,poser etc.,

You will also find wide range of 3d objects in .3ds ,.max ,.pz3 format mainly for 3ds max and poser which are all free to download.

Further you can find Special effect sounds for your animation,useful softwares,tutorials,free ebooks etc.,

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