Free Kitchen Motion Captures

Hi friends here is a good collection of kitchen activity motion captures from CMU which includes making pizzas,salad etc., but i dont know which format it is coz it shows more than 1000 MB to download a file.So get it Here try it and leave your comments. If you need AMC or ASF to BVH converter get it Here.

More than 2000 Motion Capture Files for Free Download

Hi friends i have found large collection of free motion capture files at .Many of you already knew this site for its large collection of MOCAP database.All motion captures found there are of high quality,professionally captured human motions of a wide variety of types and they can be used for commercial purposes. But all their motion capture data are available only in asf or amc format. So you need to convert this asf or amc to bvh format using AMC to BVH Converter which will help you to import them in Poser or Blender or other BVH supporting Character animation softwares.If you think its a big process to convert thousands of file, then go to which contains all files converted to BVH format from CMU ,all free for downloading.

BVH Viewer | Free Software

BVH viewer is a bvh motion visualizer and editing software which will be more useful for animators using Poser or Blender with bvh. Bvh viewer uses OpenGL 3D engine,so it runs fast.The key features of this software are

  • Quickly navigate through the motion sequence and view human body joints from different viewpoints at each frame
  • View exact joint rotation angles and 3D joint positions in text
  • View local coordinate system of any joint
  • Change joint rotation angles
  • Save the animation as an image sequence
  • Switch to overlaid mode
  • Save motion each joint as a text file
  • Highlight a joint
  • Change, save or restore to the saved viewpoint
  • Switch to a posing camera
  • Show/Hide joint names
  • Show/Hide joints or bones
  • Change size of joints or bones
  • Show/Hide ground plane or axis of world coordinate system

You can download this freeware here and you can also find a tutorial of using this software here.