Stylish Lounge With Bar & Performance Stage

Its a very stylish lounge with bar & performance stage. It will be perfect for night club shots. Comes in .obj format with this lounge room with bar, sofas and performance stage. Also comes with .pz3 files which will import into poser very smoothly. Got high ratings from user’s feedback and recommended to buy.

poser bar & nightclub

Download 3dsMax Super Cars Pack

These Super Cars package is designed exclusively for 3dsMax. It includes three modern cars in .3ds which will import into 3dsMax 5 and above. Each car has five objects, the car wheels and the body. Excellent design !

Tango Dance Poses For Poser / Daz

Download Tango Dance Poses for Michael & Victoria. All are excellent poses and comes highly recommended by the members of renderosity.

tango mocap for poser

Package Contains:-

  • 40 Tango Dance Moves
  • 10 Dramatic Lightings
  • Dance Floor
  • 4 Cameras

Added Bonus:-

As special Bonus you will get a complete Dance Studio including 10 area position poses to place your dancers easily, 10 camera settings, 1 extra light and high resolution textures.

Charger Horse Poses For Poser/Dazer

charger horse posesBring your virtual horses to life!

Designed for the Daz3d Charger but will also work with the default Poser 4 Horse, Bloodsong’s Heavy Horse and Sharkey’s War Horse, this is a comprehensive set of 30 realistic poses, featuring the horse at work rest and play.

There are too many to list here, but they include walking, trotting, cantering, galloping, playing, bucking and rearing poses as well as 3 rider poses for Victoria/Michael.

Also includes one 30 frame animated gallop pose and 5 face poses for the charger.

As an added bonus there is included 1 extra rider pose and one CR2 (character) file of Victoria ready parented and riding the Charger.
(note as the CR2 includes the Daz3D Charger’s Tack already conformed to the Charger, you need to own the Tack to be able to use this CR2 – everything else in the package will work without it though)

Age Of Conan Dance With Motion Capture

Cimmerian Dance Moves are performed by characters In “Age Of Conan” Game by using Motion Capture technology. Watch the video of a motion capture artist performing the dance moves with mocap suit and white markers on it.

Video Info From Youtube:-

Take a peek into the development process of Age of Conan: Hyborian Adventures. These guys are doing the motion capture for the Cimmerian dance. The dancer Hallgrim Hansegård is the dancer behind the unique moves used in the motion capture (mo-cap). The film is texted in english, I found the dancers site on and his company`s at

Walking & Falling Mocap For Poser / Daz

Walking & Falling Motions For Poser
Walking Poser Moves
This Package Contains Following Motions

  • Cowboy walk (240 frames)
  • Drunk fall (338 frames)
  • Happy jump (197 frames)
  • Ladder climb (153 frames)
  • Pimp strut (624 frames)
  • Quasimodo walk (89 frames)
  • Shot from side (146 frames)
  • Shot in back (210 frames)
  • Shot in chest (137 frames)
  • Shot in head (260 frames)
  • Snowboard carve (161 frames)
  • Stagger (161 frames)
  • Stiff fall (107 frames)
  • The Theft (287 frames)
  • Tightrope walk (548 frames)
  • Wade thru stream (142 frames)