Ultimate Motion Kit For Victoria 4 Includes 70 MotoBlocs

Download this package of motion building blocks for Poser. This Package includes a variety of 70 MotoBlocs (pz2 animated pose files) that will make your animation work much easier.

What are MotoBlocs?

MotoBlocs are motion building blocks that an artist can combine to produce his or her own unique sequence of movements.

Each MotoBlocs Base package includes simple instructions on how to create motion sequences with Poser.

Types of MotoBlocs included in this Base package of 70 animated pose files:

  • Short and Long steps,
  • Walking loops,
  • Standing loops,
  • Pushing buttons,
  • Conversing (body movement only),
  • Waiting,
  • Waving and many more loops.
  • Left and Right turns.
  • Transitions to & from all other MotoBlocs.

Bike Riding Poses For M4 Poser

Download 2 packages of Bike Riding Poser for Poser Character Michael 4.

Bike Riding Poses For M4 Poser

Bike Riding Poses For M4 Poser

Notes:Though this package is a stand-alone, it is being constructed based on “Sport Bike model v2” by humster3d.
Please refer to HowToImportBike02.txt contained in this package.
An import option is specified to grow bigger than the size of the motorcycle of #01.
The poses of M4 contained in this package is constructed based on that size.

Free BVH Mixer – Mocap Importer Tool

Free BVH Motion Capture Mixture Tool

BVH Mixer Mocap ToolA better way to import BVH files. Lets you pick body parts, control strength of action, mix with existing motion.


Operating System: Windows 95, Windows 98, Windows 2000, Windows ME, Windows NT, Windows XP, Mac OS 9, Mac OS X
Software/Package: This is a standalone item.
License: This is licensed for commercial or non-commercial use.

Mauer goes through Motion Capture for video game (AP)

Winning the AL MVP Award was one thing. Gracing the cover of the video game “MLB 10 The Show” is a whole new experience for Minnesota Twins catcher Joe Mauer. Mauer donned a skintight, high-tech suit dotted with dozens of sensors to have his motions recorded during a session Tuesday at Sony Computer Entertainment America’s San Diego Motion Capture Studio.

The sensors were placed on all his flex points so dozens of cameras, shooting at 120 frames per second, could correctly capture his motions.

Mauer says it was weird putting on the tight suit, but otherwise he had a good time.

“It was uncomfortable at first, but as I started doing it more and more, it started feeling more comfortable,” he said.

Being on the cover of the game has become a bit of a status symbol.

Others who’ve done so recently include former MVPs Ryan Howard of the Philadelphia Phillies and Dustin Pedroia of the Boston Red Sox.

“It’s good company that I’m joining. I’m glad to be a part of it,” Mauer said.

The game will be released March 2 for PlayStation3, PlayStation2 and PlayStation Portable.

Free Figure Posing Tool for Poser

free poser tools
This Python script for Poser 8 (and Poser Pro 2010) allows to select one or multiple body parts from a 2D representation of the selected Poser figure and to pose them.

Included are configuration files for most Poser 5-8 human figures and DAZ’ Millenium figures.

Also included is a script that allows to create new configuration files for any figure.

Please check out the HTML help “How to use Hampelmann” contained in the ZIP file on how to use and setup the script!


Software/Package: Poser 8
License: This is licensed for commercial or non-commercial use.

Free Fright Poses For Michael 4

Download 12 Free Fright Poses For Poser Michael 4 Character.

Free Poser Fright Poses12 original poses for Michael 4. These are poses of fears and/or great fear, Michael fled, defends the face is caught etc.
You there are no more to give it expression on its face and integrate it into your scenes of horrors.

Needed software: Poser 5 or above…
Needed product: Michael 4 base from Daz3D