CMU & MCS Motions Converted To Use With Major 3d Animation Softwares

Hi all,

We have now the largest free motion capture library from CMU(Carnegie Mellon University) & MCS(Motion Capture Society)converted to various formats and now they can be used with many 3d animation softwares.

I already posted about this converted mocap files but the download link went down & many are not able to get it.

So those who missed it, get it now….

Download CMU BVH Mocap For 3ds Max Here

Download CMU BVH Mocap For Poser Here

Download CMU BVH Mocap For Motion Builder Here

Download CMU & MCS Motions in Various Formats Here

Thanks to all for their great works in converting these motions. Leave your feedback on these converted mocap data.

More than 4000 Free MOCAP Data From

mocap data
You can download more than 4000 mocap data in various categories like,

Free Registration is required for downloading.

Formats Available :-

  • fbx
  • bvh
  • bip
  • c3d

Only is providing huge high quality motion capture for free.Don’t forget to credit them when using their mocap.

Read the Terms of use for using their free mocap data.