Download Bvhacker 1.6.1 – Free BVH File editor and previewer

Bvhacker 1.6.1- Free BVH File editor and previewer

New Features in version 1.6.1
In addition to the square shoulders feature…

* Now possible to associate bvh files with bvhacker, so bvhacker can be the default editor for bvh files
* Now possible to open bvh files by dragging them onto bvhacker (drag and drop opening)
* Ability to undo last operation
* Simple resampling (downsamples to half number of frames)
* Split and enhanced SLify function into to separate functions (Attempt SL bone renaming, Attempt retarget to SL). Joint sizing function now uses quaternion magic for a far smoother conversion of arms axis alignment and joint rotation order
* Added support for bvh files with position and scale motion data values
* Separated display of joint offset and motion translation data. Joint offsets now displayed in joint properties and translation data values are displayed on dynamic sliders.
* Added support to allow the typing in of values for slider X,Y and Z values
* Added support to allow the typing in of values for slider range
* Added support to allow the typing in of values for joint offsets in joint properties (X,Y,Z)
* Added support to allow the typing in of values for frame time
* Center function: centres the first frame of the animation in X and Z
* Added 26 new keyboard shortcuts (see below)
* Tidied menu and removed experimental functions
* Made file open and save dialogs re-sizable
* Global hips rotation is now possible (‘standard’ ZXY rotation order hips only)
* Added figure head to display

Visit http://www.bvhacker .com to download for free!

Brought to you by Truebones Motions

CMU & MCS Motions Converted To Use With Major 3d Animation Softwares

Hi all,

We have now the largest free motion capture library from CMU(Carnegie Mellon University) & MCS(Motion Capture Society)converted to various formats and now they can be used with many 3d animation softwares.

I already posted about this converted mocap files but the download link went down & many are not able to get it.

So those who missed it, get it now….

Download CMU BVH Mocap For 3ds Max Here

Download CMU BVH Mocap For Poser Here

Download CMU BVH Mocap For Motion Builder Here

Download CMU & MCS Motions in Various Formats Here

Thanks to all for their great works in converting these motions. Leave your feedback on these converted mocap data.

Free Mocap from

Free Poser Mocap V4 Offering Pamphlets

Free Poser Mocap Click on the image to Download

The move shows Daz3D’s Daz3d’s Victoria 4.2 figure offering pamphlets to passerby. This is an animated, motion-captured pose file for Daz3D’s Michael 4 figure and can be applied to her with a couple of clicks inside either Poser or Daz|Studio.
Free Poser Mocap M4 Key Toss

Free Poser MocapClick on the image to Download

The move Shows Daz3D’s M4 Tossing his keys to a friend.

Free Poser Mocap V4 Blow Kiss

Free Poser MocapClick on the image to Download

The move allows V4 to blow a kiss to someone she admires.

Free Poser Animated Pose — M4 Superhero “Stop Villain”

Free Poser MocapClick on the image to Download

The move allows M4 to assume a “hands on hips” pose that shows that our hero will tolerate no nonsense from the villain.

Free Poser Animated Pose — M4 Bomb Disposal

Free Poser MocapClick on the image to Download

It animates M4 getting rid of a Bomb

Free Poser Animated Pose – V3 Point and Laugh

Free Poser MocapClick on the image to Download

In this motion sequence, Victoria 3 points and laughs at something that amuses her while trying to cover her mouth.

Free Poser Animated Pose – M4 Disgusted

Free Poser MocapClick on the image to Download

In this motion sequence, Michael 4 throws up his hands in disgust and walks away.

Free Poser Animated Pose – V4.2 Protesting

Free Poser MocapClick on the image to Download

This pose has Vicky angrily protesting for your favourite cause–and if you close the fingers on her right hand, she shakes her fist.

Free Poser Animated Pose – V4.2 Smoking

Free Poser MocapClick on the image to Download

Daz3d’s Victoria 4.2 picking up some bad habits. This pose has Victoria 4.2 smoking a cigarette.

Free Poser Animated Pose – M4 Spooked from Behind

Free Poser MocapClick on the image to Download

Mike reacts to a mysterious noise behind him, spinning around to try to see what’s spooked him. A perfect pose to use for your horror film, dramatic animation, or even a comedy.

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100 Free BVH Files from

100 free bvh files from
Mr.Bones from is giving away 100 free mocap bvh files in various categories. Below is the list of 100 free bvh files and download link,

  • bartender2.bvh
  • bartender.bvh
  • Bass60.bvh
  • DanceHipHopSequence2.bvh
  • DanceHipHopSequence3.bvh
  • DanceHipHopSequence.bvh
  • DJScratch.bvh
  • Drums60.bvh
  • FightandTumble1.bvh
  • FightandTumble2.bvh
  • FightandTumble3.bvh
  • FightandTumble4.bvh
  • FightandTumble5.bvh
  • FightandTumble6.bvh
  • FloorDancer2.bvh
  • FloorDancer.bvh
  • freethrowBB2.bvh
  • freethrowbb.bvh
  • GettingPulled.bvh
  • GolferBob.bvh
  • Grenade1.bvh
  • GrenadeGesture1.bvh
  • GrenadeGesture2.bvh
  • GrenadeGesture3.bvh
  • Guitar60.bvh
  • HandSprings.bvh
  • horseruncycle.bvh
  • Karateschool1.bvh
  • Karateschool2.bvh
  • Karateschool3.bvh
  • Karateschool4.bvh
  • Karateschool5.bvh
  • Karateschool6.bvh
  • Karateschool7.bvh
  • KatanaMan2.bvh
  • KatanaMan3.bvh
  • KatanaMan4.bvh
  • KatanaMan.bvh
  • KungFU30.BVH
  • KungFU60.BVH
  • LargeLadder.bvh
  • MojoWalk.BVH
  • MOneyDance.BVH
  • OneJump.BVH
  • PoleDancer2.bvh
  • PoleDancer.bvh
  • PullingSomone.bvh
  • RollCircusBallBackwards.bvh
  • RollCircusBallForwards.bvh
  • RunFromSceneBLEEDING.bvh
  • RunFromSceneWounded.bvh
  • Shoot Machine Gun.Bvh
  • shootBB.bvh
  • ShootMachineGun.Bvh
  • SHotGUnZOMBIES2.bvh
  • SHotGUnZOMBIES.bvh
  • SitChairGetUp.BVH
  • skate1.bvh
  • skate2.bvh
  • skate3.bvh
  • skate4.bvh
  • skate5.bvh
  • skate6.bvh
  • skate7.bvh
  • skate8.bvh
  • skate9.bvh
  • skate10.bvh
  • Soccer.BVH
  • SoftballCage.bvh
  • SpiderPeeple2.bvh
  • SpiderPeeple.bvh
  • Stripper.BVH
  • TrafficCop.bvh
  • Vocals60.bvh
  • WalkonStage.bvh
  • ZombieWalkSlowaway2.bvh
  • ZombieWalkSlowaway.bvh

Free VNS & BVH files for iclone & Poser / Daz from is providing free converted motion capture from, CMU & to use with iclone, Poser/Daz. Its newly launched and it will be updated with more motions for purchasing.

Read the below post by in to know more

Hello to everyone. We would like to invite you to come take a preview of

We are in the process of posting hundreds, and eventually thousands, of FREE bvh files for Poser/DAZ and vns files for iClone. Although the site is not “officially open,” we would sure appreciate your input. There are a few things we need to learn early on: Are the files working for you? Are there specific motions you would like to see? Are there broken links? That sort of thing. We also need to learn if our site will stand up to all the download activity we expect to see, so don’t be hesitant in taking whatever you think you will need in the future.

Our “contact us” button is only listed on the home page for now, so here’s the direct link for your convenience:

Please be patient, understanding that we will not be able to respond to your posts at this time, but we would still appreciate your patient input. All of our time is being concentrated on converting or creating files to/for vns for the iClone community, and it is a very time consuming process. We have a big goal, and it is going to take a little time to “get there.” Since several people are already working on CMU files, we have started with animazoo and mocap and our own private stock of motion files. (Take a look at the “Gestures” folder in the section. They’re great!) Eventually, the site will also contain the CMU files, so you will be able to find most anything you are looking for in one location.

An extra-nifty feature is that preview files are available for all files. You will be able to see the file in action before downloading.

FYI, the bvh files that are posted for are not the original files. They are translated bvh files we have created as part of our conversion process. We do not profess to be iClone “pros,” but they are working really well for our productions and we are hoping they will suit your needs for your videos too. Nonetheless, everyone’s needs for their particular video are a little different, so obviously a little tweaking will need to be done to make them fit your needs. For example, most of the files, at least the mocapdata files, start and end in a T-pose. They can be easily modified by opening up a timeline and right-clicking on the motion file (Perform button) where you want the motion to start and end and clicking “break.” This breaks the motion file into segments. Then you just delete the start and end portions that you do not want to use and slide the remaining portion to where you want the action to take place.

We are also planning on posting video overlay files in QuickTime format (with alpha transparency) that can be added to your iClone movie in a linear video editor to add explosions, laser beams, portal effects – that sort of thing – and we would like to know if you would consider such files to be of use to you.

We’re not at all sure how this is all going to work out, but with your friendly feedback early on, it will help us anticipate our needs and adapt accordingly. Thanks for your time!


Free Motion Captures from

Free 3d Motion Capture
Download free motion capture files from

Features of

  • Browse in 3D, and try content before you buy it
  • Ready to go characters and animations
  • Automatically apply animations to characters
  • Choose your own export format
  • Simple licensing
  • Flexible and royalty-free

Go to and search for “free” to download free mocap files. You need to register to download.