Game Motion Capture Data

Here are few sample motion capture data for various games like Soccer, Tennis, Boxing, Shooting and Golf from naturalpoint.

Mocap Available In Following Formats:

  • .bvh
  • .c3d
  • .fbx
  • .wmv

game mocap golf
Download mocap files from links below,

Poser Mocap:-

Download Poser Specific Tennis Mocap Below.

25 FPS BVH for applications such as Poser: Tennis 25 FPS.bvh

Face Expression Motion Capture Data

Download some of the facial expressions like happy, sad, disgust, singing mocap data provided by Naturalpoint as a free sample. Here is a video showing the facial motion capture from a singing mocap artist. Find the download links below the video, all motion captures are in c3d format.

Another Motion Capture Library In c3d, asf/amc format

Hi friends, here is the another mocap database called HDM05 which provides it free for research purposes. It contains mocap data performed by five non-professional actors in more than 20 categories. They provide mocap data in c3d,asf and amc format.

Download Motion Capture Performed By Actors

Download Mocap Data Sorted By Categories

Walking, Running, Jumping

Grabbing and Depositing


Sitting and Lying Down

Miscellaneous Motions