CMU & MCS Motions Converted To Use With Major 3d Animation Softwares

Hi all,

We have now the largest free motion capture library from CMU(Carnegie Mellon University) & MCS(Motion Capture Society)converted to various formats and now they can be used with many 3d animation softwares.

I already posted about this converted mocap files but the download link went down & many are not able to get it.

So those who missed it, get it now….

Download CMU BVH Mocap For 3ds Max Here

Download CMU BVH Mocap For Poser Here

Download CMU BVH Mocap For Motion Builder Here

Download CMU & MCS Motions in Various Formats Here

Thanks to all for their great works in converting these motions. Leave your feedback on these converted mocap data.

Free Motion Captures from

Free 3d Motion Capture
Download free motion capture files from

Features of

  • Browse in 3D, and try content before you buy it
  • Ready to go characters and animations
  • Automatically apply animations to characters
  • Choose your own export format
  • Simple licensing
  • Flexible and royalty-free

Go to and search for “free” to download free mocap files. You need to register to download.

Game Motion Capture Data

Here are few sample motion capture data for various games like Soccer, Tennis, Boxing, Shooting and Golf from naturalpoint.

Mocap Available In Following Formats:

  • .bvh
  • .c3d
  • .fbx
  • .wmv

game mocap golf
Download mocap files from links below,

Poser Mocap:-

Download Poser Specific Tennis Mocap Below.

25 FPS BVH for applications such as Poser: Tennis 25 FPS.bvh

CMU Motions Converted To Use With Poser , iClone, 3dsMax & Motion Builder

Hi, good news to all 3dsmax, poser,iclone and motion builder freaks. Now you can use 2548 human motions from Carnegie Mellon University in your favorite 3d animation softwares without any problems. All motions from CMU are now converted specifically for each softwares to make it more usable to all.

Thanks to Bruce Hahn, Mojo and Jennifer Sumbu Longe for their great work in converting these motions.

Free Karate Motion Capture – BVH BIP FBX C3D

Download Wonderful 19 Karate mocap in bvh, bip, fbx and c3d format from

Below is the list of free karate motions included,

  • Lower Guard
  • Back Knuckle
  • Inner Guard
  • Spin Back Knuckle
  • Punch Strong
  • Punch Otherside
  • Jab
  • Upper Guard
  • Chop Guard
  • Double Punch
  • Back Kick
  • Punch
  • Forward Kick
  • Kakato Otoshi
  • Kata Variation
  • Side Kick
  • Back Spin Kick 1
  • Back Spin Kick 2
  • Spin Kick