Motion Hunter Software Download – Review

Motion Hunter is a motion detection Software which ensures safety to your home or work place.Using this software in your PC, you can connect 1 to 4 security cameras or web cameras and if there is any breach (if it detects any motions) it raises alarm or loud siren (you can set) to scare the intruders.Motion hunter software also sends email to the owner about the intrusion with the photos of the event. The best feature of this software is that you can watch the live streaming video and audio of your security video cameras or web cameras remotely.
So even if the intruders destroy your computer you will have a backup copy of the video remotely to take action.

It will be very useful for home as you can setup this software at a low cost with a webcam alone.So you can set your own surveillance system at cheap price with a webcam, a PC and motion hunter software.For using it in office you need many video cameras thats it.Ensure your home and office security now with this motion detection software.