US Paratrooper Figure For Poser

Download Poser Figure US Paratrooper in World War II. Package includes dress, rifle, helmet, poser figure and other props. All props are pre-loaded and parented with the figure. Also comes with 4 motions to walk, march and run, 17 unique war poses. Works with all Poser versions.

Poser Project Soldier Character – Cool !

And Here Is the Robot Character For Poser Which i personally like from renderosity.

Project Soldier (for Poser)

Product Requirements: Poser 4 and above

Description :Project Soldier was designed around a robot concept with a humanoid look and action, as opposed to the former mech designs.
At over 273,000 polygons, the Project Soldier is loaded with detail!

Product Features :


  • One fully posable Project Soldier figure (obj, cr2, rsr/ png)
  • One gun prop (obj, pp2, rsr/ png), parented to the soldier`s right hand

Position Poses

  • Default Stand
  • Fighting
  • Kneeling

Hand Files

  • Default (open hand)
  • Fist
  • Gun Grip

Texture and MAT Poses

  • Army (green)
  • Cop (blue and grey)
  • Red Cop (red and white)
  • Desert (sandy yellow and white)
  • Hazmat (orange and yellow)
  • Grey (beaten rusted metal)
  • Black and White (ash coloring)
  • Gun texture (grey, white and orange)

.: History of Project Soldier :.

Technology has come a long way. The year is 2159 and we`re proud to announce the newest member of the armed forces. Soldier 001 is a fully autonomous robotic warrior that will take the place of the average grunt in the battle field. What this means is fewer human casualties and more direct and faster responses to military commands and on a 80% mark, a better execution of those orders.

The secondary, but not as popular use, of the Soldier Project, was to allow grunts that were formerly disabled in previous battles, to attach broken limbs to the inside of the Soldier unit and control it as if it were part of their own body. This allows those grunts that wish to enter battle, even against political suggestion to stay out of the fighting, under their own power without hindering or holding back their squad.

Project Soldier has already showed itself to be successful in numerous battle field tests as well as private sector jobs such as hazmat control units and police emergency riot squads. Nothing controls a crowd faster than an unstoppable 8ft machine carrying a plasma rifle.

So get your Soldier today, governments of the world! Soon the cost of production for Project Soldier will be cheap enough that the home user will be able to purchase one for home protection purposes!

Product Reviews
2009-03-06 23:12:31
Review By: Russell_DC
Although I choked a bit at the price, I have to admit that this really an exquisite model and well worth it. I’m a huge robot/mech/cyborg fan and this is one of the most complex and detailed ones I’ve ever found anywhere online. I’ve been playing around doing renders with it in Poser 6 and Carrara 6 on a Mac compouter and it has performed flawlessly. I opened this up on my 8 year old 800mz Mac desktop as well as my newer and faster laptop. Because the model is so highly detailed, it was a little pokey on my older computer in Carrara but it plays really well with Poser on both my older and my new computer.

The textures included with this model are phenomenal but if I had to pick one nit with this item it would be that the orange mat shown in the main photo looks like more of a delicate peach (not exactly my first choice for a killer robot) color to my eyes. But that’s a really minor “flaw” and I’m sure it should be fairly easy for me to doctor it to a shade of orange more to my liking. Thanks for this terrific model, VP. You rock. ;-P

Price :$ 25.00

Free Poser Models from

Hi folks, here are some free poser models to download from


Zenon’s features

  • Smoother look on head and body
  • Mike 1-2 textures
  • New realistic eyes
  • Lacrymals shaped on head
  • Better shaped lashes
  • New teeth
  • New expression morphs
  • Many original head and body morphs
  • ERC controlled morphs for the hands/feet Scale
  • Improved joint parameters
  • Alternative geometry on toes for socks
  • New genitalia with on/of switch

Zenon is made of Nea’s head in a male shape and P4 man’s body.
Many new features and morphs are included plus a texture, body and face poses.

Don’t forget to read the included Zenon_ReadMe.htm file for full instructions on how to load the Zenon figure into Poser.

Valeri P4

ValeriP4 is made by combining Vicky2´s body and Posette´s head. She´s “Old School”mapped like Posette so you can use all your favorite Posette textures:

She is DOUBLE ENCODED against Posette (P4NudeWoman) and Vicky2, so you´ll have to own both to use her.

You can use MorphManager to transfer all V2 body morphs as well as all Posette head morphs to her for ultimate variety.
All Vicky2 clothing will fit, of course.


Nea’s features:

  • Smoother look (that ugly brow is gone forever!)
  • Victoria 1-2 textures, Nea’s body UVS is based on P4Vskin by AprilYSH with some modifications the head is completely remapped to take almost perfect V1-2 textures
  • New realistic eyes & lacrimals
  • New teeth
  • New expression morphs
  • Many original head & body morphs
  • Empty delta channels for morph creation, compatible with Injection Posette 2 by Adavyss

– Nea is compatible with P4 woman clothes, hair accessories

– Nea takes P4 woman head/body morphs. However head morphs won’t work very well due to Nea’s new smooth look. If you want to move your favourite Posette morphs on Nea use morph manager : instead of importing the morph in poser as an .obj file.

-Nea’s teeth have their own texture map, you will find the texture tamplate in your RuntimetexturesnarcissusNEA Everything else is Victoria1-2 texture compatible. After you use a V1-2 MAT pose use Teeth MAT pose to apply texture to the teeth too.

-NeaP4 includes all of Nea’s head morphs but you can load Nea’s Body morphs also if you have Injection Nea



Required files – Poser 4 or above,
Victoria 3 Base with head and body morphs

Download (1.57Mb)


SamV3 comes complete with…

  • 1 HEAD texture
  • 1 BODY texture
  • 1 TRANS map
  • 8 extra EYE textures
  • 4 extra MAKEUP textures
  • INJ/REM for face and body
  • MAT poses for all textures.
  • Seperate MAT poses for P5 and P4/PP where required.
Download SAM V3 Here

Stahlratte´s ValeriV3

Valeri-V3 is the new NEA/Viktoria3 hybrid from Stahlratte.
You need to own Poser and the latest Victoria-3 (FREE from DAZ) to use her.

To save bandwith, all Victoria 3 SAE bodymorphs and channels have been stripped from Valeri-V3´s body.
Use the free MorphManager to transfer them back from your copy of Victoria-3.

Valeri-V3 is mapped AND grouped like Victoria 2, so you not only can use all your V2 textures. but also all V2 TEXTURE-MATs will work on her.

Full instructions for decoding the files are included in the readme file.

Free Poser Horse Props, Poses & Animations

Poser Horse Props, a Poser Website having horse related props & animations. It also includes some poser animated files for cat. Below are the Download links,

Conforming figures for the Poser horse and the Daz MilHorse, including a Spanish Riding School complete saddle and bridle set.

Static and animated poses for the Poser horse, Daz Charger and Daz MilHorse.

Horse related props: grooming kit, cavaletti, and a side saddle for the Poser horse.

Static and animated poses for other Poser and Daz animals, including Walk Designer files.

Non-animal related props and figures, including the Baby Cradle.