Action Poses for M4

Action Poses
This is a variety of action poses for Michael 4: 1 pose with a gun, 1 mage pose, 1 running pose and 1 action hero pose. Requires M4 from DAZ. Please remove IK before applying the poses. Have fun!

Ultimate Motion Kit For Victoria 4 Includes 70 MotoBlocs

Download this package of motion building blocks for Poser. This Package includes a variety of 70 MotoBlocs (pz2 animated pose files) that will make your animation work much easier.

What are MotoBlocs?

MotoBlocs are motion building blocks that an artist can combine to produce his or her own unique sequence of movements.

Each MotoBlocs Base package includes simple instructions on how to create motion sequences with Poser.

Types of MotoBlocs included in this Base package of 70 animated pose files:

  • Short and Long steps,
  • Walking loops,
  • Standing loops,
  • Pushing buttons,
  • Conversing (body movement only),
  • Waiting,
  • Waving and many more loops.
  • Left and Right turns.
  • Transitions to & from all other MotoBlocs.

Tango Dance Poses For Poser / Daz

Download Tango Dance Poses for Michael & Victoria. All are excellent poses and comes highly recommended by the members of renderosity.

tango mocap for poser

Package Contains:-

  • 40 Tango Dance Moves
  • 10 Dramatic Lightings
  • Dance Floor
  • 4 Cameras

Added Bonus:-

As special Bonus you will get a complete Dance Studio including 10 area position poses to place your dancers easily, 10 camera settings, 1 extra light and high resolution textures.

Animated Dancing Moves For Poser

Dance Motion Capture for poser.

poser dance motions
This package consists of 13 animated dance poses:

  • Aerobics Dance
  • Air Guitar
  • Ballet leap
  • Breakdance
  • Flapper
  • High kick
  • Hiphop
  • Rave
  • Saturday nite
  • Thrash
  • Twist kick
  • War dance
  • Whirl

These poses can be applied to just about any poser figure.

CMU & MCS Motions Converted To Use With Major 3d Animation Softwares

Hi all,

We have now the largest free motion capture library from CMU(Carnegie Mellon University) & MCS(Motion Capture Society)converted to various formats and now they can be used with many 3d animation softwares.

I already posted about this converted mocap files but the download link went down & many are not able to get it.

So those who missed it, get it now….

Download CMU BVH Mocap For 3ds Max Here

Download CMU BVH Mocap For Poser Here

Download CMU BVH Mocap For Motion Builder Here

Download CMU & MCS Motions in Various Formats Here

Thanks to all for their great works in converting these motions. Leave your feedback on these converted mocap data.

Horse Riding Poses for Poser – Free Product

Horseman Action for Poser Millennium Horse

Hi friends, i found some cool poses for your poser millenium horse and poses for the riders Michael4 and Victoria4.

free poser horse poses
Works with Poser 5 to 7 and need victoria 4, michael 4 and poser millennium horse. Also comes with some free bonuses like flintlock pistol, musket props and Bison running pose.
Most of the galloping horse poses are interchangeable with most riders.
millennium horse pose
poser horse rider poses

Poser / Daz Body Language Mocap

buy body language poser daz mocapHere is the motion capture collection for 90 various body languages, expressions and gestures. These mocap can be used with poser and daz figures.You can combine each small motions to form a sequence large scene.

Mocap Designed especially for Victoria 3 but tested on other Poser Daz characters and it works well including Michael, P6 characters, David, Stephanie and P4 figures.

Motions List in this Package:-

  • Arms Crossed
  • Back Slap
  • Back Stab Under
  • Bad Smell
  • Beg
  • Belly Laugh
  • Bite Hand
  • Blow Kiss
  • Blow Nose
  • Brushoff
  • Bullshit
  • Cant No Way
  • Chest Clap
  • Come Here
  • Come On
  • Confused
  • Cough
  • Cover Ears
  • Cover Eyes
  • Cover Mouth
  • Crack Knuckles
  • Crazy
  • Death
  • Dismiss
  • Dismiss Swat
  • Dont Know
  • Exult
  • Finger Down Throat
  • Flex 2
  • Flick Chin
  • Front Slap
  • Guard Moves
  • Halt
  • Hands On Hips
  • Here Take It
  • Idle Hands on hips
  • Impatient
  • Knots
  • Look Around
  • mime
  • Muscle Flex
  • Negative Wave
  • Nod Greeting
  • Nod Yes
  • Oh Yeah!
  • Point Assertive
  • Point to Self
  • Point
  • Scratch Butt
  • Scratch Head
  • Shake Head No
  • Shiver
  • Shrug
  • Sit Put Feet Up
  • Slight bow
  • Small Salute
  • Sob
  • Soup Supping
  • Summon Spell
  • Swat Flys
  • Tap Head
  • Tap Chest Head Bow
  • Theatre
  • Thinking
  • Up Your Fist
  • Up Yours
  • Victory
  • Walk Head Wound
  • Walk Wound Left Leg
  • Walk Wound Right Leg
  • Warm Up
  • Wave On By
  • Wave
  • Wedding
  • What
  • Whew
  • Whisper
  • Yawn Stretch
  • Yell

But sorry guys its not available for free, but you can purchase it from renderosity for just $ 24.00

Price : $ 24.00

Format: .pz2

Free Mocap from

Free Poser Mocap V4 Offering Pamphlets

Free Poser Mocap Click on the image to Download

The move shows Daz3D’s Daz3d’s Victoria 4.2 figure offering pamphlets to passerby. This is an animated, motion-captured pose file for Daz3D’s Michael 4 figure and can be applied to her with a couple of clicks inside either Poser or Daz|Studio.
Free Poser Mocap M4 Key Toss

Free Poser MocapClick on the image to Download

The move Shows Daz3D’s M4 Tossing his keys to a friend.

Free Poser Mocap V4 Blow Kiss

Free Poser MocapClick on the image to Download

The move allows V4 to blow a kiss to someone she admires.

Free Poser Animated Pose — M4 Superhero “Stop Villain”

Free Poser MocapClick on the image to Download

The move allows M4 to assume a “hands on hips” pose that shows that our hero will tolerate no nonsense from the villain.

Free Poser Animated Pose — M4 Bomb Disposal

Free Poser MocapClick on the image to Download

It animates M4 getting rid of a Bomb

Free Poser Animated Pose – V3 Point and Laugh

Free Poser MocapClick on the image to Download

In this motion sequence, Victoria 3 points and laughs at something that amuses her while trying to cover her mouth.

Free Poser Animated Pose – M4 Disgusted

Free Poser MocapClick on the image to Download

In this motion sequence, Michael 4 throws up his hands in disgust and walks away.

Free Poser Animated Pose – V4.2 Protesting

Free Poser MocapClick on the image to Download

This pose has Vicky angrily protesting for your favourite cause–and if you close the fingers on her right hand, she shakes her fist.

Free Poser Animated Pose – V4.2 Smoking

Free Poser MocapClick on the image to Download

Daz3d’s Victoria 4.2 picking up some bad habits. This pose has Victoria 4.2 smoking a cigarette.

Free Poser Animated Pose – M4 Spooked from Behind

Free Poser MocapClick on the image to Download

Mike reacts to a mysterious noise behind him, spinning around to try to see what’s spooked him. A perfect pose to use for your horror film, dramatic animation, or even a comedy.

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