Living Room For Poser

Fully furnished Livingroom with chair, dining table, coffee table curtain, cabinet, round carpet, pillow, love seat, arm chair, hanging lamp, floor lamp, dining cart, bowl, glas, ash tray, vase and 4 pictures. Included is also a Pz3 with most of the items including lights loading, 3 cam settings and 2 light sets.

Import Poser / Daz Props into Blender with this Tool

Import your Poser or Daz Studio props in to Blender with one click.

Working very well at this time. There are some limitations. See the product page for installation, use,limitations and for the latest version.

This may or may not work with Vista, Linux or Mac. It has not been test with them thus far. Please send me feed back if you have one of these OS.

Test with Blender 2.49

US Paratrooper Figure For Poser

Download Poser Figure US Paratrooper in World War II. Package includes dress, rifle, helmet, poser figure and other props. All props are pre-loaded and parented with the figure. Also comes with 4 motions to walk, march and run, 17 unique war poses. Works with all Poser versions.

Free Poser Buildings Props

Here are some freebies from

Poser Mega City – Block

Poser City BuildingAnother detailed sci-fi model, this time a distressed model of a tallish futuristic building.

Modelled using Carrea 5 Pro, this Poser prop comes with a small parented side piece you can use to move around to block the background.

Download [4.92mb .zip]

Poser French Village

Poser Village5 building props with high quality textures and modelled add-ons such as drain pipes and cables. All parented to a large ground base with telephone pole and warped pavements. Please refer to the read me as this contains additional information.

Download [6mb .zip]

Poser Sci-Fi Environment

Poser sci-fi buildingAn incredibly simple to use prop suitable for Science Fiction scenes.

With highly detailed modelled features, with a medium-low polygon count, and carefully UV-Mapped textures. The package also includes 6 assorted parts, 3 preset scenes and templates.

Download [7.12mb .zip]

Horse Riding Poses for Poser – Free Product

Horseman Action for Poser Millennium Horse

Hi friends, i found some cool poses for your poser millenium horse and poses for the riders Michael4 and Victoria4.

free poser horse poses
Works with Poser 5 to 7 and need victoria 4, michael 4 and poser millennium horse. Also comes with some free bonuses like flintlock pistol, musket props and Bison running pose.
Most of the galloping horse poses are interchangeable with most riders.
millennium horse pose
poser horse rider poses

Free Poser 7 Female Dress

Download Free Dynamic Dress for Poser 7 Female Characters

You need to have ‘Vicky’-character from DAZ Productions to use these files. Most of the items are dynamic clothing and you need to have some knowledge about the cloth room in Poser.

Click On the Images To Download

Sexy Tops

Free Poser Top Dress


Free Poser Skirt

Short Dress

Free Poser Short Dress

Party Tops

Free Poser Party Top Dress

Night Gown

Free Poser Night Gown

Magician Dress

Free Poser Magician Dress

Girl’s Favourite Pink Dress

Poser Pink Dress

Sexy Red Dress

Free Poser Sexy Cloth

Beach Dress

Free Poser Beach Dress

Transparent Sexy Night Wear

Sexy Poser Wear

Free Poser Horse Props, Poses & Animations

Poser Horse Props, a Poser Website having horse related props & animations. It also includes some poser animated files for cat. Below are the Download links,

Conforming figures for the Poser horse and the Daz MilHorse, including a Spanish Riding School complete saddle and bridle set.

Static and animated poses for the Poser horse, Daz Charger and Daz MilHorse.

Horse related props: grooming kit, cavaletti, and a side saddle for the Poser horse.

Static and animated poses for other Poser and Daz animals, including Walk Designer files.

Non-animal related props and figures, including the Baby Cradle.

Free Poser Prop – Space Ship

Free Poser Prop Space ShipThis Space Ship Poser Object can be used with Poser 5 and above.It Can transform between space cruiser mode and robot mode: two pose files are included.This model uses procedural shaders instead of texture maps and will not look correct in Poser Pro Pack, Poser 4, and below.
It is not scaled to the size of the Poser people and it is 1,210 meters long.