Charger Horse Poses For Poser/Dazer

charger horse posesBring your virtual horses to life!

Designed for the Daz3d Charger but will also work with the default Poser 4 Horse, Bloodsong’s Heavy Horse and Sharkey’s War Horse, this is a comprehensive set of 30 realistic poses, featuring the horse at work rest and play.

There are too many to list here, but they include walking, trotting, cantering, galloping, playing, bucking and rearing poses as well as 3 rider poses for Victoria/Michael.

Also includes one 30 frame animated gallop pose and 5 face poses for the charger.

As an added bonus there is included 1 extra rider pose and one CR2 (character) file of Victoria ready parented and riding the Charger.
(note as the CR2 includes the Daz3D Charger’s Tack already conformed to the Charger, you need to own the Tack to be able to use this CR2 – everything else in the package will work without it though)

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