CMU Motions Converted To Use With Poser , iClone, 3dsMax & Motion Builder

Hi, good news to all 3dsmax, poser,iclone and motion builder freaks. Now you can use 2548 human motions from Carnegie Mellon University in your favorite 3d animation softwares without any problems. All motions from CMU are now converted specifically for each softwares to make it more usable to all.

Thanks to Bruce Hahn, Mojo and Jennifer Sumbu Longe for their great work in converting these motions.

9 Replies to “CMU Motions Converted To Use With Poser , iClone, 3dsMax & Motion Builder”

  1. Hi!

    Sorry I had to take the files offline because of a matter of space with the hosting company.
    The files are once more online but with differents links. The one currently on the website are broken
    And I have converted the files from in bvh,dae,fbx,mb and max.
    Have fun!

  2. hi ,i have a porblem whene i try to import a montion BVH file into biped caracter in 3dsmax , i get an error saying :" The Following track names were found in the file are unrecognized by biped "
    and then another saying, 'the following track names are missing from your bvh file…'
    any solution Plz HELP

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