Designing Perfect Bike With Motion Capture

Perfect Bike With Motion Capture
Motion Capture In Bicycle Industry

The motion capture is a technique that allowed us to capture incredible improvements in animation and video games. However, this is not the only application for this type of technology. BMC shows us, a Swiss brand manufacturer of bicycles, which is beginning to apply the motion capture to produce perfect bikes. Interesting huh?

Organic Motion is a company dedicated to the technology of motion capture, and until now, had been working on developing games or animated movies. However, together with BMC, are taking this technique to a new field: development of bicycles. How? Using motion capture to measure every thing possible to the buyer and make the bike perfect.

The motion capture can very accurately measure your body Movements

But more interesting is the use of this technology in this market area, if not the way it was developed for use there. Organic Motion, unlike most of those who are responsible for motion capture, using a system that delivers results without the need for special clothing or similar devices. In fact, all of which use cameras are arranged in a particular way, so after taking the video images can “get together” to create a version in 3D. The results of this technique would be very precise and low-cost and inconvenience, which allows its use for a job that requires such precision without falling into other low-cost systems, which are not sufficiently precise.

Organic Motion system does not need special clothing

This system offers some important advantages that make it possible and very profitable business for its implementation. First of all, it is much cheaper, almost as it does not require specialized equipment. Furthermore, at cost less, can be mounted in any business with relative ease. This can be taken all measures for anyone who wants to buy a custom order where necessary and send them on an almost instantaneous, speeding up and becoming much more precise job.

Perfect Bike for Professionals With Mocap

If you want to get the perfect bike, Organic Motion greatly facilitates the task , but the price probably will not get much. While it has not yet been announced, we know all things are made as a high cost due to be built on an almost handmade. For this reason they are designed for professional athletes (especially olympics) or at least “serious.” It is very interesting to observe the development of a technology such as motion capture and it has great potential to expand to other fields.

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