Ecstasy – Dynamic Motion Synthesis for the Masses

Independent software developer, BrokeAss Games, has announced the release of their new physics/animation toolset, called Ecstasy Motion. Strategically positioned to release the most affordable Dynamic Motion Synthesis solution on the market, the developers will be presenting their software at SIGGRAPH 2009, the annual Graphics and Interactive Techniques conference next week in New Orleans.

Ecstasy blends animated sequences with ragdoll physics and other motor force implementations. The program, set for official release in December 2009, already includes many of the same features seen in top-shelf physics/animation packages, such as batch retargeting and editing, multiple actor support, scriptable events, and a genetic algorithm system that can organically create motion data. Ecstasy also includes features never before seen in a DMS application, such as live motion streaming support, real-time interactive force effects, and native integration into a 3D game environment.

BrokeAss Games has teamed up with NaturalPoint, the makers of Optitrack, a consumer-priced, motion capture system to ensure that Ecstasy supports live motion streaming into a 3D game environment. This led to a new combination of interactive physics and live motion streaming that will be demonstrated in the NaturalPoint/Optitrack booth this year at SIGGRAPH. “The Ecstasy product, for us, plugs a critical hole in the content development pipeline and we’re excited to see where they take this technology,” says Morgan Jones of NaturalPoint.

Ecstasy was originally designed with video game animators in mind. BrokeAss Games chose Torque3D, by Garage Games, as the development platform for Ecstasy. “Torque3D will basically work with any of the major art tools that are popular in games,” according to Brett Seyler of Garage Games. Ecstasy Motion takes full advantage of this flexibility, supporting multiple file formats for easy integration into Poser and 3DStudioMax pipelines. By release, Ecstasy will support BVH, FBX, and COLLADA.

“A variety of rendering effects are available to create scenes containing virtual actors, 3D landscapes, dynamic lighting and weather, as well as structures and ambient props. Ecstasy’s real-time rendering system is ideal for digital storyboards or projects targeted at web-distribution,” says lead developer, Chris Calef. Ecstasy features chroma key ready outputs which can be easily incorporated into animated film projects without post production.

With independent game developers and animated film makers targeted as the primary user base, Ecstasy promises to deliver high-end functionality at an incredibly low price.

SOURCE BrokeAss Games

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