Free Karate Motion Capture – BVH BIP FBX C3D

Download Wonderful 19 Karate mocap in bvh, bip, fbx and c3d format from

Below is the list of free karate motions included,

  • Lower Guard
  • Back Knuckle
  • Inner Guard
  • Spin Back Knuckle
  • Punch Strong
  • Punch Otherside
  • Jab
  • Upper Guard
  • Chop Guard
  • Double Punch
  • Back Kick
  • Punch
  • Forward Kick
  • Kakato Otoshi
  • Kata Variation
  • Side Kick
  • Back Spin Kick 1
  • Back Spin Kick 2
  • Spin Kick

5 Replies to “Free Karate Motion Capture – BVH BIP FBX C3D”

  1. great blog m8.

    i would like to ask you if u know where can i find any raw mocap data that need cleaning. im a student and need some noisy mocap data to test some filters. all known sites provide clean mocap data. so i would be grateful if u can help me.

    Thanks in Advance.

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