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Free 3d Motion Capture
Download free motion capture files from

Features of

  • Browse in 3D, and try content before you buy it
  • Ready to go characters and animations
  • Automatically apply animations to characters
  • Choose your own export format
  • Simple licensing
  • Flexible and royalty-free

Go to and search for “free” to download free mocap files. You need to register to download.

3 Replies to “Free Motion Captures from”

  1. Due to the recent actions of Animeeple, I can no longer, in good conscience recommend Animeeple to anyone anymore.

    As a former provider of high quality motion capture animation data to the Animeeple Marketplace, I recently was going to make a large number of animations free to Animeeple users.

    Another provider of motion capture data,from the same Animeeple marketplace (who shall remain nameless) was threatened by this move, in turn falsely accused me of stealing animations from others.

    In response, Animeeple removed all my animations from their library. This is understandable, putting users at risk of using stolen data is not acceptable. The process they used is what I can not condone.

    Instead of informing users that they had temporarily suspended or removed my animations while they reviewed the allegations, they just pulled them all without saying anything. This gave credibility to the false accusations, causing great harm in an industry where reputation is so important.

    In addition, they repeated ignored attempts by myself to contact them to get more information on why my animations had been pulled and provide proof that the allegations were false. Eventually they were able to verify that the allegations of theft were blatantly false.

    Instead of apologizing for the lack of communication and the trouble (and damage to my reputation) they had caused, and informing users that the allegations had been proven false, they became aggressive and blamed me for not getting in touch with them sooner (which I attempted on every available occasion). Not one phone call was made to me, nor was any email on my part answered.

    If this is the type of support and behavior one can expect from them, I don't feel comfortable doing business with them any longer. I encourage potential users of Animeeple to take a look at other 3D animation programs to use in conjunction with Truebones high quality motion capture data."

    Thanks again and Cheers

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