ipi Desktop Motion Capture Software

I have already discussed about video based desktop motion capture from shoot3d
and now the technology preview of the software named ipi studio is released and available for free trial download. It is released by IPI Soft formerly known as shoot3d.

Here is a short summary of the ipi desktop motion capture software

ipi desktop mocap software which uses markerless motion capture technology. Simply it is a video based motion capture software, you have to record a video first and then you can extract the motions from the video using this software. You can use single as well as multi camera.It is an entry level mocap software which enables you to capture motions right at your desktop pc. This mocap software will be more useful to individual freelance animators, small studios, students and other mocap enthusiasts. You can set up your own mocap studio at very cheap price compared to other mocap systems available in the market.

Trial Download Released

The ipi Studio which is the main component of ipi desktop motion capture software comes with a 30 day trial version and after that mocap export option will be disabled. With this trial version you can learn the software and helps for evaluating it.

IPI Soft plans to release two editions,

  • Basic

Number of cameras – 2
Price – $950

  • Standard

Number of cameras – 4
Price – $1450 (Beta price: $495 Limited Time! )

Price does not include camera and other accessories, it’s the price of the software alone.Due to its low price and easy technology it can be Motion Capture For The Masses.

Download ipi Studio Demo Here

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