Martial Arts Mocap – C3D Format

Free Martial Arts Mocap
Hi Friends,

Here is a collection of free Martial Arts motion capture in c3d format from ACCAD, all are absolutely free to use with no type of restrictions.

Male Martial Arts Kicks Mocap contains following files

  • Side kick leading left
  • Front kick
  • Side kick leading right
  • Spinning back kick
  • Back kick
  • Axe kick
  • Capoeira
  • Round house left
  • Round house right
  • Round house right 2
  • Round house leading left
  • Round house leading right
  • Crescent left
  • Crescent right
  • Round house body left
  • Round house body right
  • Double kick
  • Push kick left
  • Push kick right
  • Reverse spin crescent left
  • Reverse spin crescent right

Download the Martial Arts Kicking Mocap Here

Martial Art Punching Mocap contains following files

  • Jab left
  • Jab right
  • Cross left
  • Cross right
  • Hook left
  • Hook right
  • Uppercut left
  • Uppercut right
  • Body hook left
  • Body hook right
  • Backfist left
  • Backfist right
  • BOdy cross left
  • Body cross right
  • Body jab left

Martial Arts Stances Mocap contains following files

  • Stand to ready
  • Walk to ready
  • Run to ready
  • Ready to relax
  • Ready to walk away
  • Ready to run
  • Walk to bow
  • Bow to ready
  • Victory
  • Warm up to read to warm up
  • Ready to taunt to ready
  • Crouch to ready
  • Ready to crouch
  • Switch stance
  • Switch stance and bounce
Download Martial Arts Stances Mocap Here

Martial Arts Walks Turns Mocap contains following files

  • Turn around right
  • Turn around left
  • Advance
  • Quick advance
  • Retreat
  • Quick retreat
  • Super fast advance
  • Bounce
  • Side step left
  • Side step right
  • Block left high
  • Block left low
  • Block right high
  • Block right low
  • Block left middle
  • Block right middle
  • Block middle high
  • Block middle low
  • Dodge left
  • Dodge right
  • Duck left
  • Duck right

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