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I always wonder whether there is any motion capture software which delivers mocap data from recorded video without the need of using any mocap studio.Recording motions is always a tough job which needs setting up of cameras,lighting and wearing all those markers.Though markerless motion capture systems are also available now, but they are priced very high.

So how about a desktop software which creates mocap data from a video file captured using webcams or ordinary camera.Sounds cool, isn’t it?

Motion Capture Software gives the answer to you.They had announced a best motion capture software called Shoot3D Express which enables you to create mocap data easily from your PC.This markerless motion capture technology doesn’t need special lighting or arrangements and actors can wear casual clothes. So just shoot a video with any camera with minimum resolution of 640×480 and convert it into motion capture data [output formats supports BVH, Collada, SMD, Unreal Engine animation] within few minutes. Inputt formats supports MPEG1, MJPEG, MPEG2, MPEG4, AVI, WMV, QuickTime.

Shoot3D contains an integrated keyframing animation editor, animation cleanup tools and a set of exporters for popular game engine formats, including Valve Software’s Source Engine, Unreal Engine, Second Life.And it supports export to 3d animation softwares like Maya, 3DS MAX, XSI, Poser and other 3D softwares.

System Requirements:

  • Video Camera(may be webcam or camcorder)
  • Win XP or Vista
  • powerful SM 3.0-compatible GPU (GeForce 9800 or Radeon 4850 recommended).

See The Working Of The Markerless Mocap Software:-

Check the Mocap Data Produced with shoot3d motion capture software:

BVH Format for above video 1
HalfLife SMD Format
Poser Specific
Endorphin Specific
BVH Format for above video 2

The Mocap Software is in alpha stage and going to be released in two versions

  • Shoot3D Express which is a single camera motion capture system.
  • Shoot3D Standard which will work with multiple cameras.

You can use ipi Recorder software for recording video from multiple cameras at a time and its a free software.

ipi Recorder – Download Free Here

I am waiting for the software to be lauched and i think it will be the cheapest and best motion capture software available in the market.

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  1. WooooW!
    That Demo including the B-boy dancing was hotter than Fishgrease!
    I am totally sold..I am heading on over to their site and see about a possible purchase! I think it would be a great investment. If it can cut out the "middle man" of doing all that tiring and time consuming "keyframing" in my animation software then it's definitely "all good" and the next thing everyone will be using especially amateur game designers..the endless possibilities…
    Thanks for this information to the blogger 😉
    Take care…
    –Serge the 45 Cal

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