Motion Capture With Mobile Phones – Is It Possible ? ?

It’s possible.Most of the latest mobile phones like Nokia’s N95 comes with accelerometer technology and using that software designer Tea Vui Huang has created a mobile application that can capture motions.Its exciting to know that we can use mobile phones to capture motions.

How It Works ?
The accelerometer in the mobile phone can be used to generate motion data when a phone points, rolls & pitches in space. Huang’s MoCap application takes this data and converts it into axial animation data and positional data.

Nokia N-95 MOCAP Phone Apllication:-

Nokia Mocap Phone

Motion Captured For a Jet Plane With Mocap Cell Phone :-

Jet Mocap Phone N95

Output Formats :-

  • Vicon C3D
  • Autodesk FBX
  • Acclaim AMC
  • ASF
  • Maya MEL format

The mocap data will be stored in your phone’s memory card and you can export it to PC for using it in animations.You can convert FBX format to 3DS & COLLADA by using Autodesk Fbx Converter.

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