Poser Figure Artist – Virtual 3D Models for Artists

Poser Figure Artist is a virtual studio supplying really practical human models to help artists create human figure art for canvas, sculpture or digital artwork. Artists can choose from ready-to-use human figure models and lots of of poses, outfits, expressions, hair styles and backgrounds, set the tone with a a number of lighting options, after which it see their scene from any camera angle. The resulting Three-dimensional human figure is a realistic appearance that artists can use as a model to help draw, sculpt or paint the human form. Poser Figure Artist is a useful addition for artists who want to make use of the human form in their artwork or studies, and would prefer an option to wooden mannequins and costly, live models.

Poser Figure Artist has many applications:

Make Art in A lot of Kinds – Artists can create finished figure art in countless distinct styles, from photorealistic to pastel, charcoal, or pen and ink, or use your virtual model for painting or sculpture.

Substitute Wooden Mannequins – Poser Figure Artist’s virtual models can change wooden mannequins and live models. Virtual models never tire or modify position, and are always out there so you can return to your model whenever and keep on your work.

Use as Assisting Tool – Poser Figure Artist presents a digital classroom so you can locate more and far better understand figure art, discover about the 3D perspective, vanishing points, lighting, shadows and a lot more.

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